A Probably Racist Oakland Raiders Bail Bond Commercial and Other Videos Of the Day


Sometimes it’s tough to tell what’s real and what isn’t on the Internet these days. Conventional wisdom would tell you that a commercial categorizing an entire city’s fan base as criminals probably isn’t real because in real life that probably goes over about as well as an angry father walking in on the babysitter and her boyfriend. But hey, we had Blake Maislin putting the mitts on Flo for a couple years here with no real consequences so I’ll just go ahead and assume this Raiders plug is the real deal.


Teacher asks student to put his money where his mouth is and gets his ass absolutely WHOOPED.

Here’s the dashcam footage of the Johnny Manziel/Colleen Crowley incident.

A Bengals hype song with one of the hottest beats you’ll ever find.

Not sure if this is new or not, but this is the first time I’ve seen Drake get anyone on the ping pong table so we’re going with it.

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