It’s Not Football Season Unless Colin Cowherd Is Busy Bashing Andy Dalton Again

andy cow



Want to hear me say something crazy? Colin is actually right this time. Now this might be the only time I’ll actually admit that and I do think that Cowherd is off base in saying that Dalton couldn’t do shit in Carolina’s huddle with the way he’s playing this year, but if we’re strictly choosing between Cam and Andy straight up, I’m still picking Cam. Like If we were on the playground playing pickup ball and I had the first pick and Cam and Andy were the only QB’s out there I’m going Cam all day and twice on Sunday-even with Andy playing at an MVP level. Cam is a physical freak. I have a buddy who worked security at 1 Paul Brown Stadium for a while and his quote on Cam verbatim, “It isn’t fair that a guy that big is allowed to play the quarterback position.” Just an uncanny blend of size, speed, and athleticism with a rocket arm to boot on top of a great personality and leadership ability. Now with all that said, out of both those dudes who do I think is going to accomplish more this season? It’s Andy all day all night, largely because of that awesome supporting cast. I’m not buying that “well, what if they switched teams” bullshit either. I mean, what if someone just gave me a million dollars tomorrow? What if I just somehow magically figured out how to effectively run this website? I mean, if we’re gonna play the what if game, we’ll be here all night. That’s just football. Some teams have better supporting casts than others because some teams just have better scouts/coaches/front office personnel and can acquire talent better than the next guy (wow, can’t believe the Bengals are actually on the positive side of that argument for once). But I guess it wouldn’t be a Cowherd show without him trying to make a mountain out of a molehill and giving us totally out of context examples based on his own, irrelevant personal experiences. New network, new hair color guy*, same old Cowherd.

*If Pete Rose and Colin Cowherd aren’t seeing the same hair color guy, I’ll eat my shorts.

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