Week 6 Recap: *Yawn* Bengals Move To 6-0


Having a 6-0 football team at the bye week is awesome, but honestly the Bengals have been so good it’s kinda been hell from a blogging standpoint. I mean not like overall material, quite the opposite actually. This team has been money with the crazy hashtags and #metamodern fashion statements and the naked locker room videos and what not, but on a week to week basis it’s just tough to find some new flavor to break you off with for these recap pieces. Like what am I supposed to say at this point?

Dalton has been fantastic. If the season were to end today he’d probably be league MVP.


Tyler Eifert is probably the second best TE in the league behind Gronk. This back shoulder fade in single coverage might be the toughest play to defend in all of football.

The Gio/Jeremy Hill combo is the best backfield in all of football. One of you good readers should be a bit more creative than I am and come up with a nickname for this power couple a la “Thunder and Lightning” from the Johnathan Stewart/DeAngelo Williams days in Carolina because this backfield tandem here in Cincinnati is the best since then and it’s not even really close.

Andy Dalton has been distributing the football nicely and the receiving corp is firing on all cyliders. Marvin Jones is officially all the way back.

That’s pretty much it. No, I promise I didn’t just copy and paste this stuff from another weekly recap blog, even though I probably could have. That’s how money the Bengals have been thus far in this young NFL season. It’s the same shit every week.
Next up, bye week. Honestly I’m kind of glad we have a bye. Gives me a chance to catch up and breathe a little and it gives all you folks out there in relationships an excuse to take your girl to the Pumpkin patch or apple picking this weekend. Just don’t let her know it’s a bye week though if you really want to score some points.

PS- Actually there was one novel happening in the game on Sunday I forgot to mention. Two key injuries: Vinny Rey and Big Mike Johnson. That’s significant because up until this point the Bengals hadn’t really had anyone get hurt yet, but Marvin insists they’ll be ready for week 8 in Pittsburgh so we’ll keep an eye out to see how that goes.


Many thanks to the man with the sweet Vine work, @Josh_Kirkendall

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