Bye Week Bits: Podcasts, TV Shows, and Everything Else You Should Be Tuning In While We’re On Football Hiatus



Since there’s no Bengals game this week and you’ll surely be looking for something to pass the time on Sunday, here’s some stuff I’ve been into recently that I thought I might share with the class. Watch it. Listen to it. Or don’t, it’s whatever.

Limetown: Podcast created by Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie, starring/narrated by Annie-Sage Whitehurst

You remember Serial? Of course you do. It was only the biggest God damn podcast of all last year. Well, Limetown is the hottest new podcast in the streets you may or may not have heard of yet and it’s already drawing comparisons to last year’s smash hit. Narrated by Whitehurst starring as investigative journalist Lia Haddock, who is essentially Limetown’s version of Sarah Koenig, the podcast delves into the mysterious events surrounding the disappearance of an entire town (Limetown, idiots) of people who had all converged on the small, privately funded, area to conduct top secret research on what I think is the human mind’s ability to communicate telepathically. I gave the first three episodes a listen and I gotta say, so far I’m hooked. In addition to having a format that is similar to Serial, I’m really getting some of the same vibes I got watching Lost, for all you fans of that show out there. There are a ton of parallels that can be drawn between all the supernatural shit that’s going on in Limetown and all the crazy shit that happened on the island. Things disappearing and reappearing, big groups of people brought together for paranormal research, and just creepy, edge of your seat suspense in general. I’m not gonna lie, Limetown is the type creepy that had me, a grown ass 25 year old man, shooting quick glances towards the backseat of my car as I listened on my way home after dark. Can’t be too careful, you know. Those fictional podcasts will really get your mind going. Unfortunately those are the only three episodes that are out now and from what I can tell there really isn’t a set schedule as to when new episodes will be released. I did a little research and found a good article about the Limetown podcast and they seem to think there’s going to be a new ep released every other week or so. Regardless, I’m all in on Limetown and as of now and I’ll continue to check the podcast app everyday when I sit down at my desk and then curse under my breath when I see a new episode isn’t available in the queue. So if you haven’t started to listen yet, I’d maybe consider waiting until Thanksgiving or something once more eps are available and you’re looking for any sort of entertainment to keep you occupied on that long car ride to wherever the fuck you’re headed on Turkey Day. Either way, definitely give Limetown a listen.

Fargo Season 2: Driected By Joel and Ethan Coen, starring Patrick Wilson, Ted Dansen, Kirsten Dunst, and more

Fargo is another big TV show that drew comparisons to one of last year’s hottest releases, True Detective. Naturally the two shows are going to be compared a lot because in addition to both being crime dramas released around the same time, both shows are anthology series and feature all star casts as well as excellent writing, sans TDS2. While we’re on the subject of that black eye, True Detective Season 2 was considered a flop by most accounts, failing to capitalize on the hooplah built up by Nic Pizzolato’s writing and McConnaughey’s stellar performance in season one. The second installment of Fargo however doesn’t seem to be headed down that road. Two episodes in and it already looks like there isn’t going to be any sophomore slump. For starters this season of Fargo features a better cast in my opinion than it’s counterparts in season one. Pat Wilson has really made a name for himself the last half decade or so, Ted Danson is a certified TV gawd, Jesse Plemons makes an appearance and put himself on the map with his performances in Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad, and Kirsten Dunst has certainly had her time in the sun. Quick side note, I was never really a big Kirsten Dunst guy but I must say she looks prettay, preetttaayyy good in season 2 so at least we’ve got that going for us. We’ve also got the Coen brothers and their top notch writing going for us as well. I think we can all agree that the reason TDS2 was a flop can be attributed to writer Nic Pizzolato trying to go too over the top and in the process lost a lot of the audience with an overabundance of characters, interweaving storylines, and shitty one liners. The Coen brothers seem to have avoided those trappings of success so far have delivered a pretty legit production. Fargo was one of my favorite shows of all last year and so far season 2 appears to be right on track. It’s a really good show with good acting, good writing, a little suspense, a little action, a little comedy, and a decent soundtrack to boot. I think the Fargo shows are far superior to the movie but have done an excellent job of keeping that same vibe the original motion picture puts out. So if you’re in the mood to laugh at some wacky northern accents and take in some good all around television, make sure your DVR’s are set for Mondays at 10 on FX.

Beasts Of No Nation: Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, starring Idris Elba, Abraham Attah

Full disclosure, I haven’t seen Beasts Of No Nation yet. Actually, I’d never even heard of it until a couple of days ago when my roomate told me about this movie he’d watched part of on Netflix about child soldiers in Africa. To be honest I didn’t really even entertain the idea of sitting down and following up because the kid’s taste in TV is um, we’ll call it questionable to put it lightly (he thinks Hell On Wheels Is a Good Show). Come to find out he’d failed to mention Beasts features my boy Idris Elba and is Netflix’s first major movie production, not just one of those hack movies they seem to pull from out of nowhere just to fill the queue that only gets like a 2.5 star rating. No, Beasts Of No Nation is real deal apparently and even though it might not be getting the numbers Netflix is looking for currently, I definitely think it’s worth checking out given Netflix’s success with their original TV shows like House Of Cards, Bloodline, Orange Is the New Black, etc. Plus it’s currently sitting at an 87% user rating on Rotten Tomatoes. May as well fire up the game system and catch a decent flick on Sunday night unless you’re trying to watch an abortion on live TV featuring the Eagles and Panthers in the Sunday late game. I’m cool on that.

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