Tyler Eifert Is Now Officially An NFL Superstar and It’s All Thanks To This One Photo Right Here


I’m pretty sure in last week’s broadcast of the Bengals romp over the Buffalo Bills the CBS team discussed whether or not it’s too soon to consider Tyler Eifert a full blown star in this league. Might have even thrown a graphic up on the screen too, something that I searched long and hard for but was unable to find. Either way, let me go ahead and answer that question for everyone…

YES. Graphic be damned. How do I know? It’s not the league leading 6 TD catches. It’s not the fact that our offense is basically tailored around his skill set. It’s not even the fact that short of Gronk there probably isn’t a TE out there right now that’s even close to playing as well as the Eifert tower. No, I know Tyler EIfert is a bona fide NFL superstar just by looking at this photo right here. That’s a star’s photograph. Only superstars are allowed to post pictures of themselves in an infinity pool with a bad bitch on their arm overlooking the Queen City. Like if that were some practice squad scrub and they asked to take that exact same picture someone would probably pants them in the pool in front of everybody and toss that cell phone over a ledge. Not Tyler Eifert though, because Tyler Eifert is a star and stars do whatever they want. All hail King Tyler.

PS- I guess that sexy little minx pictured next to Eifert is his now girlfriend? Here’s some more pics of her if you’re into that sort of thing. She seems like a nice lady.

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