Forbes Released Their List Of the Most Valuable Business Brands In Sports


Via- Forbes

The Forbes Fab 40 measures the value of the top brands in sports. Our brand values do not tell you what the top teams, athletes, businesses and events in sports are worth. Rather, how much the name of each–all by itself–contributes to the value.

1. Nike- $26 billion
2. ESPN- $17 billion
3. Adidas- $6.2 billion
4. Under Armour- $5 billion
5. Sky Sports- $4.6 billion
6. MLBAM- $2 billion
7. YES- $1.3 billion
8. Reebok- $830 million
9. NESN- $700 million
10. UFC- $460 million



In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a gear geek myself. Every time I see an athletic contest on my television it’s like a sports version of Joan River’s (RIP) “Fashion Police” in my apartment. Oh my God he’s wearing what? Did you see the cleats on that guy? Wow, LeBron’s not wearing a headband tonight? His hairline must be looking STRONG. Some people don’t pay attention to stuff like that, but I do, so when I saw Forbes drop their list of the top ten brands in sports right now, my ears perked up like a dog when you say the word “walk.”

Couple things I noticed:

When WWIII finally happens and a new world power arises, it’s not going to be the US or Russia or China, or even an actual country for that matter. It’ll be Phil Knight and his army of chromed out football helmets and Pro Combat armor. Not that there’s a problem with that though, I’m a huge Nike guy. I’d go as far as to say that the overwhelming majority of the athletic wear that I own personally has a swoosh on it. Call me a label whore, but I just like high end shit. Only the best for the best.

I’m sure the only reason ESPN just laid off hundreds of employees even though business is booming apparently is because they have to try and close that $9 billion gap between them and first place Nike. If you ain’t first, you’re last. Right, ESPN? RIGHT!?!?!

Adidas gets clowned a lot here on the homefront, but it looks like that international swag is really paying off for the three stripes. Not sure why Adidas hasn’t really even come close to establishing themselves as top dog here, but I guess that’s one of those things that America just refuses to accept. The USA has Nike, Under Armour, and US customary units and Europe has Adidas and the metric system.

In case you’ve ever wondered why Buster Olney is intellectually incapable of having a baseball related conversation without somehow involving the Red Sox and/or Yankees, Forbes just gave you the answer. Follow the money. Always follow the money.

LOL @ Reebok.

Whatever happened to brands like AND1 or Dada? Those were hot in streets for a quick minute. Also my big financial prediction for the future is that Steve & Barry’s will be back with a vengeance as soon as every single person in China buys a pair of those Starbury sneakers for $14.99 or roughly 12948562596872676133243 Yuen a piece.


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