Remember That Medical CEO Who Was Charging $750 a Pill? Well He Did a Reddit AMA and Said the Only Reason Is Because That Was the “Best Possible Way To Get Girls”


aids guy


Via- Tech Crunch

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO/ PR Disaster Martin Shkreli took to Reddit late Saturday night to tell his side of the story on the Daraprim drug scandal. His company is back in the public eye this weekend following news that a competitor has introduced a customizable $1 alternative to Turing’s $750 pill.

Shkreli is no stranger to making his opinions known on Twitter, but he outdid himself here. After providing proof via Twitter that it was indeed him answering the questions, Shkreli launched into one of the most extensive AMAs of all time, answering questions about his thoughts on the pharmaceutical industry, Theranos, the current presidential race, bitcoin, and his love life.



I can’t remember whether it was from his TV show or one of his stand up specials, but Daniel Tosh has a bit about how everything we do as males is for the ladies. He said the only reason he got into stand up in the first place is to to impress chicks, a sentiment that I reflect whole-hardheartedly. The clothes I wear, the shitty jokes I make, the bars I hang out in, hell, even the reason I started this whole blog gig in the first place was strictly with one goal in mind. Kind of sad when you really think about it, but that’s neither here nor there. I can’t help it. We can’t help it, it’s who we are as a species, so I think I kind of get where Martin Shkreli is coming from on this one. Yea, the guy is a scumbag for basically inventing a cure for AIDS then driving up the price of pills so much that the average HIV stricken common man cant’afford to get healthy, but I definitely see the logic in his argument. I’m sure he could probably still get chicks just based off of being a billionaire medical CEO that cures awful diseases, but where’s the fun in that? Chicks dig assholes. Ignoring girls text messages, chatting up her hotter friends at the bar, going to watch the game with your boys instead of staying in and watching Gilmore Girls, being at the center of an international pharmaceutical scandal, all that shit has chicks lining up at your door. I don’t want to sit here and say that I’m team Martin Shkreli cause I don’t want to be the one guy on the Internet that sides with a corporate tyrant (wink, wink), but sometimes if you want to be the top dog in life you can’t be afraid to play a little dirty pool.

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