Steelers Nation Is Already Hot and Bothered About This Game On Sunday and I Can Smell the Desperation In the Air


steelers fans


Link to full article here. Little lengthy, lotta gifs, so I didn’t feel like Ctrl+C + Ctrl+V’ing.


Normally I’d probably get all bent out of shape and start calling Steelers fans a bunch of blowhards who live life in the past, but I’m not going to this year. This year is different. Everyone knows who the big bad bully is marching into the Steel City come Sunday. So what if we twist an ankle or two or toss around a couple of rookie receivers? That’s what bullies are supposed to do and there’s no such thing as a nice bully. Steeler Nation can cry as much as they want about our All Pro players and try to act like they’re the classiest team in the league, but at the end of the day anyone with half a brain can look right through their thinly veiled bullshit and see that the Steelers are in full blown panic mode. That’s right. The namecalling, Big Ben waffling on whether or not he’s going to play, the bumble bee throwback uniforms, all wreak of desperation. The Steelers season is on the line and they’re already resorting slander and excuses. It’s like back in school when one brave nerd finally decides he’s going to stand up to the bully. 1st period he’s had enough, challenges him to a fight at 3 o’clock under the flagpole. Third period, maybe he’s still a little hot so he runs around telling everyone that the big bad man isn’t as bad as he seems and how he’s going to get what’s coming his way and blah, blah, blah. By fifth period King Lionheart is really questioning his decision and starts making excuses like “my back hurts” or “yea, normally I think I’d wipe the floor with this kid, but I forgot to do my pushups this morning” or something. Then when the end of the day finally rolls around the nerd has finally accepted his fate knowing full well the big bad bully is going to fold him up and toss him around the playground like a paper airplane because that’s just what bullies do.

PS- I love that this dude has the audacity to call the Bengals a dirty team when guys like James Harrison, one of the dirtiest players the league has ever seen, are celebrated and labeled as “tough, hard nosed, western Pennsylvania football players. And calling that hit on Le’Veon Bell last year a dirty hit?

HAHAHAHAHA THAT’S ME LAUGHING IN YOUR FACE. Literally screaming. That’s called a good open field tackle, perhaps you’ve heard of it? Don’t send your best playmaker over the middle against a Pro Bowl safety and maybe these things won’t happen. Besides, if anyone here wants to talk dirty hits to the knee…

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