Week 8 Recap: Now That’s AFC North Football


At the risk of coming across as one of those delusional, possibly inbred, Steelers fans, I’ll go ahead and say it: That’s hard nosed, Western Pennsylvania football, my friends! To quote the greatest color guy in the biz, Dave Lapham, I believe the correct term for a game like Sunday’s is “an old fashioned AFC North slobberknocker.” What a win. It wasn’t pretty, in fact, that was one of the uglier Bengals games I’ve seen in the past year or so, but at the end of the day a win is a win and a 3.5 game lead in the division is a 3.5 game lead in the division. Fairweather fans can complain all they want about Bad Andy Dalton rearing his ugly head, the self destructive penalties, and the turnovers, but the bottom line is teams that are going to legitimately contend for a Super Bowl win ugly games like that. Up until this point, the Bengals hadn’t really had to slug one out. All our wins have been blowouts or shootouts and I’d legitimately forgotten how long it’s been since this club has had to play from behind. In the past, that team withers away and dies, but much like in the Baltimore and Seattle tilts, Andy Dalton and the rest of the team showed an incredible amount of resiliency in pulling out a gutsy win. It may not have been video game-esque as so many fans around here look for on a week to week basis, but make no mistake about it, Bengals fans, the Bengals proving they can win just about any type of football game against a quality opponent is a very, VERY, encouraging sign.

Of course the big story Sunday was Le’Veon Bell’s shredded knee on a not, let me say that again, NOT DIRTY tackle by Vontaze Burfict. Of course the Steelers and their fans aren’t going to think so, but that sort of back and forth comes with the territory in a rivalry game. We hurt one of their guys, they claim it was a dirty play. They hurt one of our guys, we’d turn right around and say the exact same thing. Although having watched more than my fair share of professional football in my day, I’m confident that I know what does and doesn’t constitute a dirty hit. Allow me to demonstrate:

WARNING: If you haven’t seen the Bell knee injury yet, it’s NSFL (Also crawl out from that rock you’ve been living under).


Not Dirty


Not Dirty


Not Dirty


Also someone let Tez know that if he needs anybody to take care of some business for him, I can definitely be that guy. Not sure what kind of damage a skinny white boy is gonna do against an NFL linebacker, but I’ll figure it out. Might need to channel my inner Tonya Harding or something.


Next up, Browns on Thursday Night. I’m hearing a lot of people who think that the Browns are going to take us to the woodshed come THursday, on account of us generally blowing horse cock under the bright lights, but I’m just not seeing it this year. Too big, too fast, too strong, also we’re undefeated. Also Donte Whitner (Hitner?) and Joe Haden aren’t playing, so good luck dealing with a hot AJ Green and Tyler Eifert in the seam, Browns.

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