Johnny Football and the Browns May Not Have Won Last Night But It’s OK Because His Life Is So Perf




You know how some trashy chicks will pull the goalie and get themselves pregnant just to try and save a bad relationship? Well, I’ve never actually known anyone that’s done that, but I know that is a thing. Well, I guess that’s the point we’ve reached in the Johnny Manziel, Colleen Crowley love story. The Browns are 2-7, the infamous traffic stop, the signs there is trouble in paradise? Let’s just dismiss all those rumors by getting a dog and throwing up an IG post with our puppy bumping Drake to show everyone just how perfect life really is. That’ll really show ’em. Look I’m a Johnny Football guy. I know I’m not supposed to be cause he’s a Brown but I dig his game and the party boy off the field persona. I just don’t need to see Johnny try to front like him and his girl are that perfect couple on social media. Not that I’m too much of a tough guy to act like it isn’t cool to make your girl happy, I just know too many of those “perfect couples” personally and those people are annoying.

Need more of this Johnny:

PS- I’d be willing to bet the entire United States National Debt total that Colleen Crowley is one of those chicks that refers to her dog as her kid. Not sure if she’s done it on IG or not but definitely does that when she’s hanging with her girlfriends on wine night. Never been more sure of anything in my entire life.

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