Week 9 Recap: #BullyBall


Well then, I guess I’m not as crazy as I thought I was, huh? Cross another one off the list. Anyone thinking that this Bengals team wasn’t capable of exercising the pirmetime demons against a bad, depleted Browns team is probably the same guy that strutted into the office this morning saying he called that win all week long. It’s whatever though. If you are that guy, might I suggest throwing around terms like “focused” and “sharp” to describe that win last night, because not so coincidentally, those words are the perfect adjectives to describe this football team right now. A focused Bengals team looked sharp in dispatching an inferior team that stood in the way of one of the more remarkable runs in franchise history. That’s the long and short of that. The Browns kept it competitive for a half, largely due to Johnny Football’s ability to get outside the pocket and make plays a la Texas A&M JFF, but come half number 2 the Bengals made adjustments to keep Johnny in the pocket and that was all she wrote. Game, Blouses.

Tyler Eifert continued what is probably going to be a record setting season by catching 3 TD’s and finally showing to the nation that he’s without doubt the second best TE on the planet behind Rob Gronkowski, but we already knew that.

I guess we have to address this Vontaze Burfict/NFL Network cameraman thing too since it’s become a story on the Internet.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. That’s just bully ball. Doesn’t matter if you’re an opposing ballcarrier or a digital communications major just trying to get a shot in. If you get in the way of a heat seeking missile out there you might wind up on your back. Is that kind of scummy? Probably, but the whole Mr. Nice guy thing hasn’t exactly worked here in the past so if we have to get our hands a little dirty to set the tone on the defensive side of the ball then so be it. #BullyBall isn’t for everyone.


Next up, Houston on ten days rest. Normally, I’d probably be a little more concerned about a matchup with JJ Watt and the Texans given our history with them, but so far the Bengals have exorcised every demon they’ve had to face this season and the Texans are a hot garbage fire so forgive me if I’m not exactly sweating through my shirt just yet.

Early predictions, that Texans game will probably look a little something like this

H-Town what it do.



Shouts to @Josh_Kirkendall, @KennyDucey, @Solosis for the Vines.

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