No Bengals Game Yesterday But That’s OK Because Former DC Mike Zimmer Reminded Everyone Why We All Love and Miss Mike Zimmer



And people wonder why Mike Zimmer has been such a hot commodity in the National Football League for the better part of the last decade. Look at me with a straight face (pretend you’re looking through your computer screen) and tell me you wouldn’t go out there and lay it all out on the line for a guy like that. You can’t. Zimmer has been about his guys since day one. Guys want to play for him and guys that did can’t speak highly enough of coach Zim. Yea he’s known to be a little tough on his players at times but tough love is still love and you can tell Mike Zimmer legitimately gives a shit about the guys under his command. You won’t find a better example of that than Zim wanting to fight the Rams coaching staff after one of their guys took out Teddy H20 on Sunday. Yea, I’m sure some of that is coaches speak cause any time your franchise QB goes down on account of a dirty hit you have to come out and express your displeasure, but anyone who has been around Mike Zimmer or seen him coach knows that shade was from the heart. If we have to put a number on it, I’m saying like 10% coaches speak 90% heart.

Generally, there are only two times you’ll see a man to execute that type of blow by handshake. 1.) When he meets his ex-girlfriends new boo, and 2.) When a dirty hit sidelines his franchise quarterback.

God I miss Mike Zimmer.

PS- It’s surprising how much I actually still root for Zim seeing as I don’t really give a fuck about former coordinators once they leave the Bengals. Jay Gruden is a bottom 5 coach in the league and when I say bottom 5 I really mean more like bottom 1. And Bob Bratkowski? I’m not even sure whether he’s still alive or not and to be honest I’m not sure I really care. But here we are and I still find myself following the Vikes week in and week out and I’m legitimately happy that those wacky northerners are 6-2 and rivaling Green Bay for the division in the NFC North.

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