Humpday Hottie: Mid Life Crisis Kate Hudson’s Instagram For the Win


When I was a wee boy, I had heard whispers of the fabled mid life crisis, but up until recently I had thought that life crisises were all smoke and mirrors. Tall tales of dad coming home one day with a tattoo on his shoulder or a brand new sports car that would keep finances tight for a year, but boy was I wrong. I’ve been quarter life crising harder than anyone I know. Starting up this blog, spending too much money and getting way too drunk at the bar on weekends, so if anyone knows what a life crisis looks like first hand, you’re looking at him. Yea, it takes one to know one, and when I look at Kate Hudson’s IG I can tell right away that the early stages of those middle aged years have been a bit tough on Kate. Gone are the days of A Rod and starring alongside McConnaughey in every single rom com ever produced, in are the days of a 36 year old mother of two banging 23 year old pop stars, but that hasn’t stopped Kate from living life to the fullest and treating IG like a 24 year old single chick. For example:


Hit that whip, Kate. That’s still a thing, right? All the cool kids are still doing this dance?


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Sweet dreams ✨

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No hot chick’s Instagram account is complete without a bevy of inspirational quotes to let everyone know how just worldly and enlightened they really are.



Drinks with the besties.






Pontoon life is the best life.



Kate and a fan.


More besties #Fitspiration



Who am I kidding, I’d absolutely still give her the buckjob.



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