LOVE the UC Student Section Showing Support For France Tonight





DO forgive me for not blogging anything these past couple days. I’m still doing some blogging for the guys over at @stormthecourtpc so you should definitely go check that out when you get a chance if you’re a college basketball fan. Also I wasn’t pulling your leg when I said there may some merch coming here soon so I’ve been trying to feel that out as well. I’d like to say that this won’t happen again but let’s be honest with each other, it probably will so just deal with it.

DON’T forgive those ISIS bastards for what they did in Paris last night. I still can’t believe it happened but I guess that’s just the world we live in these days. If you haven’t been following along on Twitter let me tell you it’s some pretty riveting stuff. Explosions on the football pitch, the French people joining together singing their national anthem in a time of strife, bands that are still trying to account for all of their members, pretty scary shit. Makes it seem all too real when you literally see these things as they happen.

DO make sure you follow protocol and show support for France if you’re headed to the UC game tonight. Everyone is fashioning some sort of red white and blue to show their support and I’m not sure if anyone has done the student section thing yet, but regardless that’s pretty cool. It’s one thing to be the guy not wearing white at a whiteout or black at a blackout (guilty as charged), but DON’T be the asshole kid that fucks this one up.

PS- While we’re on the subject, the Paris attack has to be the worst act of terrorism since 9/11, right? Like I understand there’s been far too many terrorist attacks since 9/11 and those were all terrible in their own right but I can’t really think of another time that a major city was under a large scale coordinated attack like this. Unreal. I’m no foreign policy expert but I think this means we’re going to war right? I mean not like full scale, WWIII type shit but we gotta put more boots on the ground to take these ISIS fuckers out before they strike again, especially since they were calling for American blood. Can’t sit back and say we’re determined to destroy ISIS and then not drop the hammer after they blow up Paris. Let’s put the fear of God in those fuckers.

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