Does My Good Friend Pacman Jones Look Like He’s Concerned At All About the Texans Tonight?


adam ig2

Saw my good friend ADAm Pacman Jones post this on IG the other day during my blogging hiatus but I just had to go ahead and post it. You know in a way I actually kind of envy fans of teams who aren’t 8-0 right now. The division is already a wrap and I’m over here trying to fast forward to January while those guys are scratching and clawing for every ounce of hope they can get still. Living and dying with each snap on Sundays from now until the end of December. I miss that. I miss the emotional rollercoaster. As cool as it is to be 8-0, 8-0 is boring. I guess the only way you can get all hyped up for a Monday night date against JJ Watt and Bill O’Brien’s but chin is to just kick back and enjoy a nice steak or two before diving into that wet wet. Missjay seems to agree.


Honestly I have no idea what that means but it sounds hilarious and I’m pretty sure “long dick styling her ass” is a good thing. Nothing like a street blogger with clean money.

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