What the Hell Was Going On At the UC Game Tonight?



I swear this isn’t another one of those posts begging you to check out the blogging I’ve been doing for the guys over at The Storm The Court Podcast (You should definitely check that out though on Twitter @stormthecourtpc and stormthecourtpc.wordpress.com), but because I’m trying to juggle two gigs now I’ve had to switch up my gym schedule to fit everything in so I didn’t get to see the UC game. There I am in the gym throwing around 45’s like Lincoln Logs and the second I get home and check Twitter it was like all hell had broken loose. What kind of three ring circus are they running up there in Bowling Green? I don’t wanna be the jokester that picks at the low hanging fruit and say that was the “boom goes the dynamite guy,” but I’m like 85% sure that was the “boom goes the dynamite guy.” Anyone that’s ever been on camera, even for two seconds, knows that when the bright lights come on it can be extraordinarily unnerving and it can be tough to keep your composure, but what on God’s green Earth was that, my man? I’m not asking you to be Geoffrey Chaucer on air or anything but you gotta do something, anything that doesn’t make you come across as the kid from Billy Madison that can’t read

Then you had everyone blowing up over this Jess Furnas chick who I guess is the sideline reporter that BGSU threw out there? Again, I didn’t see the game so I had to some on the fly social research in order to get the skinny on Jess because my duty as a hot blogger is to turn you on to the many smokestack sideline reporters out there, and this is what I found



Judging by her mentions I kinda expected her to look more like Molly McGrath or Erin Andrews in her prime and not your average girl you’ll see at literally any college party, but I guess that’s just the kind of action you get when you run the B squad out there to call a game. Kind of how your run of the mill gals look hotter in the office than they do in real life cause the only thing they’re stacked up against is a bunch of socially awkward, middle aged men. Just a wacky night all the way around.

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