Arizona Is So Scared Of the Bengals That They Tried To Trap the Entire Team In An Elevator Yesterday



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This is more of a reason to beat they ass !!!

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Hey Arizona, is this what we’re resorting to now, Gestapo tactics? Can’t win fair and square so we’re just gonna stick Emilio Estevez in the elevator shaft and hack the mainframe? Don’t think for one second that me and my best friend ADAm Jones are buying that this is an accident either. Maybe if the club were staying in a Days Inn or a Motel 6 I could let it slide, but you and I know damn well elevators in the Hyatt or Westin or Hilton don’t get stuck. That’s a fact. Elevators in nice hotels don’t get stuck. Total inside job and I think we all know who the main suspect is…

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PS- Just so we’re being clear, I love Carson Palmer. I was fanboy #1 when he was here in Cincinnati, Felt bad for him when he was toiling away out in Oakland, and now I’m legit happy he’s having success out there in the desert. 51 weeks out of the year I’m a real Palmer fan, but this week the Carson Palmer hate train is full steam ahead and your boy right here is the conductor.

Double PS- Not sure how I feel about my best friend ADAm Jones calling Gio a midget. I thought we learned our lesson last year about proper ettiquette when it comes to dropping M-bombs.

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