Better Late Than Never, Joey Votto Finishes Third In NL MVP Race



Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto finished third in voting for the Baseball Writers’ Association National League Most Valuable Player Award.

Votto was named as an NL MVP last week. He hit .314 on the season, with 29 home runs and 80 RBIs.

The Baseball Writers’ Association named Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper as the NL MVP on Thursday.

Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt finished second in voting, followed by Votto.



Reds fans be like:

THIRD PLACE??? What do you mean third place? Third place is just the second loser. I bet that wouldn’t have happened if Joey stopped taking so many walks and started driving in a run from time to time. Boy was that Marty Brenneman right. I can’t believe we gave that gay ball a huge contract and ruined the franchise. What a waste.

Totally agree. I mean, everyone knows that perennial MVP candidates grow on trees all the time. Only a fool would think that the Reds farm system is completely depleted and that we don’t have a million guys who could step in tomorrow and be near the top of the league in just about every major statistical category and set all sorts of franchise records.

Honestly at this point I really do hope Joey gets a chance to play somewhere else before his career starts winding down. He’s way to good of a player to just waste away on a team with such a bleak future in a city that probably appreciates the dog shit on the bottom of their shoe more than their All-Star, record setting first baseman.
Anytime your team’s franchise player finishes as an MVP finalist that’s definitely a good thing, so I hate to sound so negative and morbid on a post that should be upbeat and celebratory, but I think that’s just the sad state of affairs for Reds baseball right now. No one can appreciate Votto’s stellar season because we were so God damn busy being bad and barring any miracles or wizardry from new GM Dick Williams that’s not really going to change anytime soon.

*Sighs at desk*

*Crosses fingers and hopes the Bengals can somehow salvage 2015*

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