Week 11 Recap: Fingers Off the Panic Button


Before that game I said that if the Bengals went out to the desert and played well but came up short at the end of the game I wouldn’t be that upset, but here we are and I still don’t feel any better. Just an absolutely heartbreaking loss. Still don’t think it’s time to push the panic button because we’re still gonna win the division and we’re still probably gonna have to beat the Broncos in Denver to lock up a first round bye, but anytime you let Carson Palmer snatch victory from the jaws of defeat at the horn like that it stings. Especially when you boozed all day and ate and entire pizza during the game, a last second loss just makes you want to puke.

I’m not concerned with the Peko game misconduct penalty on the last snap which everyone was acting like that’s what lost us the game. I don’t really care if Peko really was simulating snap counts or they were the ones that jumped or there wasn’t even a penalty whatsoever. That still would have been like a 45 yard field goal, even if the officials marched them backwards. NFL kickers hit 45 yard game winners in their sleep. There are a million things that could have gone differently for us to win that game, but obviously everyone’s main issue is the deep ball to AJ on 3rd and 2 on that final drive. Am I the only one that didn’t think a pass in that situation was that bad of a call? I mean I get that running the ball and kicking a field goal is the safe play, but Arizona still gets the ball back with like 45 seconds left, which, considering they went through our defense like shit through a tin horn was more than enough time. Not to mention, Bruce Arians and 70,000 other people in that stadium were looking run and I’d be willing to bet my car we would have called some off tackle run that takes 1239518129457184751984 years to develop and lost like 2 yards. Throwing really isn’t the worst idea in the world. Now I don’t know about throwing a fade to the corner, but I won’t apologize for sticking with your QB’s hot hand to extend the drive and try to steal a game from a Super Bowl contender at their place. They call that playing to win the game. There’s a big difference between playing to win and playing not to lose. Love the aggressiveness, but unfortunately that’s one of those situations where if it works you’re the next Lombardi and if it doesn’t you have a bunch of nerds bitching at you on the Internet. Really makes me glad that I’m not a pro football coach if we’re being completely honest.

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