John Kasich Outlawed Khakis Ahead Of the Ohio State Vs. Michigan Game, Probably Doesn’t Own a Pair Of Khaki Pants




The tough thing about blogging is that you good people, the readers, expect me to have some sort of hot take or wild opinion 100% of the time. In reality, that only happens about 80% of the time. 80% of the time the issue being discussed is a real cut and dry, black and white issue. 80% of the time it’s easy to take one side or the other, dig your cleats in, and defend your argument til the death. The other 20% is a bit more complicated, however. The other 20% of the time things aren’t so black and white and your brain is torn on where your head should be. This is part of that 20%. On one hand, I kind of love Kasich outlawing khakis for the Michigan game. Rivalries are all about having fun and talking shit and taking shots at your opponent. Banning the use of the letter ‘M’ is try hardy and extraordinarily impractical (especially if your first name begins with an M), but I can kind of get down the Khakis things. Don’t dress like Harbaugh because he’s a complete and total psychopath that wears the same shit everyday so let’s poke fun at that. I get it. I just want everyone to be clear where we as individuals, a state, and as a society should stand on khaki pants. Kasich is trying to make it sound like khaki pants are out and that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Pleated, 8$ khakis from Walmart? Yes, those are out. That’s what your boss wears everyday because he’s a social misfit with no style, but khakis in general? So hot right now. Way hotter than jeans. Jeans are dead. Not really cause I literally wore the same pair of jeans for the last three days of Thanksgiving break, but if it comes down jeans or a pair of nice fitting, stylish khaki pants, I’m taking the khakis all day errday. Like I have about 4 or five pairs of slim fit, not skinny fit, fucking slim fit, colored khaki pants and I wear them all the time. Work, the bar, dates, out and about, doesn’t matter. They’re so hot. You gotta rock the slim fit because that’s what’s in right now. Nice and snug fitting right around the thigh, junk, and butt area and tapered at the leg so that the chicks can sort of get an idea of what you’re working with. You want to walk down the street and have chicks thinking whoa, that guy has a nice butt. Word to the wise: Chicks dig dude butt. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this so I guess the moral of the story is just get you some nice, modern khakis and rock the shit out of them if you don’t already have a pair or five. Even if that means you’re breaking the law. Don’t need some old ass politicians telling me what I should and shouldn’t wear. Pretty sure that’s how come the Soviet Union collapsed, I think.



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