I Guess Adrien Broner and Rick Ross Are Besties Now?




Via- TMZ Sports

Rick Ross to Adrien Broner: Don’t sweat Mayweather… I got your back.

Rick Ross seems to be taking sides in the Floyd Mayweather vs. Adrien Broner beef — partying with Broner in Miami this weekend … and TMZ Sports has the footage.

It’s interesting … considering Ross had MAJOR beef with Floyd in the past — but they seemed to bury the hatchet a few years ago.

Now, with Broner and Mayweather seemingly at war … Ross seemed to make a pretty statement by allowing Broner into his VIP section at LIV nightclub on Sunday, where he kicked it with DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne.



I guess Floyd and Broner are done now? I know they used to be besties but I guess it was only a matter of time before these two just got sick of each other because they’re exactly the same person. Adrien Broner is just like Floyd Mayweather minus 15 years and not as good. With Floyd being on the tail end of his career I’d imagine the last thing he wants to see being the cocky motherfucker that he is, is one of his crew jumping and up and stealing the spotlight in a year or ten.* Gotta cut those squares out your circle. 50 backs Floyd and they both hate Ross so what better way to get under their skin than to show up on stage with some of the biggest personalities in the rap game and really rub their noses in it. Who hasn’t pulled that move?

Ok, you got me. Really the only reason I wanted to write this blog is for two reasons:

1.) I know we’re not supposed to make fun of people who are hurt or disabled, but Wayne up on stage partying with a neck brace on after a skateboard accident is laugh out loud funny.


Editor’s Note: I totally thought Wayne was wearing a neck brace when I initially wrote this, which would totally make sense cause I saw something about him getting into a skateboarding accident the other day, but I guess that’s just some sort of weird bandanna? Oh well, I’m not gonna go back and re-write this blog. Just pretend Wayne has a neck brace in the club cause that’s hilarious, but I guess the fish net shirt and some sort of weird dog bandanna is pretty funny too.

2.) I tweeted this out yesterday but that new ‘Sorry’ song by Rick Ross ft. Chris Brown is a BANGER. Straight heat. Chris Brown can beat up chicks and fellow recording artists for being gay and Ross can kidnap and pistol whip as many gardeners as he wants, but as long as those two keep coming out and laying down rhymes over some smooth beats pretty much everyone just turns a blind eye- myself included. Not saying that’s a good thing, but if you keep making good music no one really gives a fuck what you do as long as the hits keep coming.

*When I say ‘the tail end of his career,’ I really mean we’re just coming to the end of Floyd’s good years, but he’ll still be around and fighting forever. Floyd needs money. As much as he makes, his spending habbits are about as ridiculous as anyone in pro sports and while I don’t know for sure, I don’t exactly think Floyd has a big 401k lying around or anything. He’ll keep fighting and it’s going to look like Peyton Manning or Kobe Bryant now except Floyd won’t hang ‘em up and it’s going to be really sad regardless of whether you like Floyd or not.

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