Power Ranking the Best Videos From Last Night’s Browns Loss


In case you missed it last night the Cleveland Browns lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the most Browns way imaginable.

I want to say that’s unbelievable, but I don’t think unbelievable is the right word because at the same time it’s totally believable. Things like that just happen to the Browns. Not sure if it’s cause of the newly found curse of Manziel or if the stadium is built on top of an old Indian burial ground or if the football Gods are still punishing the organization for banishing Paul Brown here to Cincinnati. Whatever the reason, I’m actually almost starting to feel sorry for those guys. ALMOST being the keyword here. Strong words coming from a Bengals fan.


3. Ah, the ol’ crowd reaction, selfie video trick. Gonna capture the whole building going nuts for one of the most exciting Browns victories in a while and…


That’s the look of a man who’s seen far too many horrors in his life. In combat I believe they call that the thousand yard stare.


2. Been there, buddy. It’s been a while cause my team is actually good, but been there. Sometimes it’s just best to let it all out.

Also I really hope the drunk guy yelling “HE WAS OUT OF BOUNDS” in the background made it home OK last night.


1. The unanimous number one selection and legit video of the year candidate. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better reaction video from a loss. Ever. How about the guns on the guy who straight Hulk Hogan’d his jersey, huh? Anyone who owns one of the newish Nike replica jerseys knows that the polyester on those things is damn near thick enough to be bulletproof and home boy tore that thing in half like it was made out of tissue paper. I guess that’s just what 20+ years of pent up football rage will do to a man.

No rest for the weary. 5ive God is on the way…


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