Week 13 Recap: Can We Just Fast Forward To January Please?


When I write these Bengals recaps, I try my very best to give you my raw reaction based off of what I saw with my eyes, what I gathered in my mind, and what I felt in my heart. A sort of football fandom triumvirate, if you will. I gotta be honest with you though, I’m not sure I can give you that today because honestly, I didn’t even watch all of that football game. Ended up falling asleep on the couch early in the third quarter. That’s where we’re at now. I can’t even get up for December divisional tilts against an arch rival. Football is just so boring on Sundays because we’re just that good now. Everyone in the entire world knew the Bengals were going to wash the Browns on Sunday, even the Browns themselves. Outside of the AJ Green show and Jeremy Hill squaring up with butthurt defenders after a score, there wasn’t anything really noteworthy that happened in that game at all.

The biggest thing that happened yesterday wasn’t even in the Bengals game itself. The Patriots getting upset at Gillete by the Iggles drops them to 10-2, which means that the Bengals currently hold the number one seed in the AFC. Not so coincidentally, that means that the Bengals are the best team in football right now. Not saying that’s going to be the case in February (fingers crossed) or even a month from now, all I’m saying is that right now today, December 7 , 2015 at about 9:27 am, the Cincinnati Bengals are the best team on Earth. Undefeated Carolina? Bring ‘em on. Denver? We’ll find out when we go toe to toe in a week. Arizona? Shoulda beat them the first time and I’d love another shot to knock off Carson. New England? Well, I’m still a little wary of them but as injury riddled as they are now, I think the Bengals could put up one hell of a fight. Just get us to January. I’m not gonna get too up in arms this time around because that’s what I did last week, but let’s just get this team into the playoffs because that’s where the real magic (or soul-crushing heartbreak) happens.



As always, Vines courtesy of @Josh_Kirkendall

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