IT’S A BOY! AJ and Katherine McCarron Are Having a #BengalBaby




They say most men don’t truly become fathers until they hold their newborn baby for the first time, but honestly that’s a crock of shit. I’m SO pumped to become a father. I really didn’t think at 25 years of age I’d be preparing to welcome a new life into this world, but sometimes life throws you a curve for the better. Anyone can father a child, all that takes is a night out and some piss poor decision making, but it takes a REAL man to become a surrogate Internet Dad. It takes a real man to be there for the ups and downs of a nine month pregnancy. To see your child’s ultrasounds and witness all those stupid baby showers. There are a thousand chumps out there that would run and hide upon hearing the words, “I’m pregnant,” but not me. I’ll accept responsibility for my own actions. I accept the child and I’m going to raise this baby boy as my own. So let me be the first to say thank you to each and every one of you. Your well wishes mean the world to AJ, Katherine, and I and we look forward to sharing our wonderful and amazing journey along with you ♥



PS- On some real shit, AJ has handled Katherine Webb about as perfectly as humanly possible. In fact, one day they’ll write a book on how to score a supermodel wife using McCarron as the blueprint. Get in early on the ground floor in college before she realizes her full potential, get drafted into the NFL and put a ring on it with that professional quarterback money, and finally, put a bun in the oven the second you realize you’re going to be a career backup stuck behind an MVP candidate. Absolutely textbook material. Good for AJ. I couldn’t ask for a better stepfather for my new son.

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