Check Out This List Of the 50 Richest Athletes From Each State If You Want To Feel REALLY Poor


Via- Forbes

We all see the new headlines and articles about record contracts, but often those pieces don’t account for anything more than pay packages. Many athletes, as we all see on our televisions, our cellphones, magazines and so on, all have endorsements and investments. So, at Forbes we sifted through the numbers and and accounted for over $1 billion taken home by just 50 athletes across the United States.




Sometimes these Forbes lists kind of stink because you already have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to look like before you even take a look. If you follow sports or current events pretty regularly/have a brain, generally you can get a sense of what Forbes’ final rankings are gonna be, but this is NOT one of those lists. LOTTA upsets in the world of richest athletes by state. For starters, let’s dive right in here on the home front. I’m shocked Big Ben bests LeBron as the top grossing Ohio athlete. A lot of people forget Ben is from Ohio because I’m told no one in Oxford, or his hometown of Findlay for that matter, even likes him, probably because he rapes people, but it’s still crazy to think he gets paid more than the guy who’s just a kid from Akron, Ohio that’s arguably one of the 4 or 5 greatest NBA’ers of all time. Also how about AJ Green being the highest paid guy from SC? Kinda surprising when you consider that the shittier Carolina is up there with the Florida’s and Georgia’s and Texas’ of the world that are known for producing those ultra-athletic, SEC type athletes (I believe that’s the politically correct way to put that). I think that’s a testament to just how good AJ really is, especially considering he’s making more money than Kobe this year.

I guess we just don’t really play sports in the northeast? Kind of odd that the highest paid guy from an entire region of the country only made like $7 mil this year (I’m saying that like 7 M’s isn’t a lot of money). I guess you don’t really have to ball your way out of the hood when you have mommy and daddy’s trust fund to fall back on.

Stand up and introduce yourselves Brandon Scherff, Steve Chisek, Dwan Edwards, Mark Fayne, and Erik Pears. Seriously, I had to Google your guy’s names but also congratulations on being named the highest paid athletes in your respective states. That’s pretty pimp.

Josh Hamilton can buy A LOT of cocaine for 23 million dollars.

I’m still downright flabbergasted when I see just how much cheese Floyd Money really makes. I mean I know he pulls in like nine figures every single year, but I legitimately want to cry when I see that $240 million number pop up on my screen. I can’t even begin to fathom how much money that really is. In fact, I’m not sure why I even like blogging these money lists because I always realize how poor I really am and that my days of putting a ball through a net or over a fence are long gone and with that so are any remote, nonexistent chance I’ve ever had of sniffing Forbes list coin.

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