MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Rules On Pete Rose, Won’t Be Getting Into the Hall Of Fame

sad pete


What a kick in the dick. On the same day they’re getting ready to announce that Andy Dalton is likely out for the year with a broken thumb, Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball go and drop this bomb on us. What a day. What a muh-fuckin’ day. Tell ‘em, Denzel.

Rob Manfred is officially on my shit list now. He wasn’t before, now he is. To be honest I didn’t really have much of an opinion on him other than he seemed like a reasonable guy and was a fresh change of pace after Bud Selig, but I’m officially off the Rob Manfred bandwagon. Manfred had literally an infinite amount of time to make a decision and announcement regarding Pete Rose’s status in baseball yet he waited until today of all days to do so? Couldn’t even postpone that announcement one day or even to the end of the week? Had to do it today and deliver the coup de grace to all Cincinnati sports fans, eh? Fuck Rob Manfred. Don’t even get me started on the decision itself. Everyone knows Pete belongs in the Hall Of Fame. Everybody knows Pete Rose is the Hit King and one of the greatest players of all time. Everyone knows Pete is going to keep broadcasting and be involved with the Reds as much as he possibly can. It’s almost like the MLB wants Pete out. It’s almost like they love the drama created by a never ending saga. It’s almost like they want the 4’2 Ken Rosenthal’s of the world out there tweeting and writing pieces about Pete Rose that appear on MLB affiliate websites. It’s almost like they want the Buster Olney’s of the world trying to relate Pete Rose news to Yankees/Red Sox all over ESPN and SportsCenter. But a greedy, money hungry organization like Major League Baseball would never want to cause a stir and do anything like that, right?

PS- When I was typing this I just saw that Pete Rose told Manfred that he still bets on baseball?

Christ almighty, Pete. I know that you can bet on baseball legally and that sports gambling should/could/probably will be legal here in the States before too long, but c’mon, man. That’s like going into a job interview and telling the boss the only reason you want to work there is just so you can collect a paycheck and enough experience until you can jump ship a year down the road. I appreciate Pete being straight up and honest with the man, but good Lord.

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