Is the Miami Dolphins Practice Squad QB the Best Job On the Planet?


Via- Miami Dolphins

Quarterback Logan Thomas was back in the Dolphins locker room Wednesday, one day after he had a big decision to make about his future.

Thomas officially was signed to the active roster Wednesday after he decided to stay in Miami instead of joining the Cincinnati Bengals, who wanted to sign him off the Dolphins practice squad.

“Literally, it started at 10 a.m. yesterday and I don’t think I signed until 6 last night,” Thomas said. “I was going back and forth all day. I was on edge. I was up, down, didn’t know what was happening. I finally came to the conclusion. I’m blessed, I’m very thankful. I have a god that’s looked out for me thus far and you wouldn’t expect it any other way.”

Thomas explained the factors in his decision.

“Number one, for family,” Thomas said. “Number two, I think this place, despite the ups and downs we had this year, is moving forward, moving forward in a big way, and I’m looking forward to it.

“I think I have the opportunity, if I do what I know I can do and how I play, that I can be the No. 2 behind Ryan (Tannehill) and push him as much as possible. I have a good rapport with him already and a lot of other guys in this locker room.”




A while back I wrote a TLDR piece on the best jobs in the entire world. It’s kind of a running gag/conversation I have amongst my friends that play in my fantasy football league and the list is an ever expanding one. You got jobs like Anthony Bourdain (I’m just considering him a job, not a person), NFL kicker, and bullpen catcher, but I think we gotta throw Miami Dolphins practice squad QB into the mix now. The Fin’s scout team signal caller makes the cut if for no other reason than Logan Thomas turning down a chance to be on the Bengals active, potential Super Bowl contending roster just to stay in Miami. I know he gave a bunch of bullshit about family and the organization moving in the right direction and what not, but Thomas’ decision tells you everything you need to know about the city of Miami. He heard about our strange chili and craft beer and dartboard weather, then he took one look at the senoritas and South Beach and Tony Montana’s mansion and was like, nah, I’m good down here. Thanks for the offer though. I don’t blame him one bit either. I’m the biggest Bengal apologist you’ll ever meet and if I was a QB I’d do everything in my power to land a chance to play in Cincy. But even my loyalty has boundaries, which coincidentally run congruent to the boundaries of Miami Dade County. Think about it. You don’t get hit, you don’t even dress on Sunday’s so it’s not like you really have to prepare, but you still get to enjoy all the perks of being a professional football player. Yea you’re not on the active roster, but you still make a MINIMUM of like 7 grand a week, probably more like $250k a year. That’s not your typical $1 million a year or so backup salary, but anything well into six figures in your mid 20’s is plenty of money. Inflation, cost of living, lavish tastes, all that shit doesn’t matter. You give me a quarter mil a year as a single dude in the 305 and I’m BALLIN’. Not to mention most practice squad QB’s are guys that played at a decent college so you’d be in that perfect medium of somewhat recognizable, yet you wouldn’t have paparazzi camped out in your front yard or anything. So all things considered, is Miami’s practice squad QB the best job on Earth? I think it’s certainly in the conversation. Also I’d throw San Diego’s PS QB and LA will enter the mix next year when they finally have a football team again.

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