Week 15 Recap: Another Year, Another Playoff Berth

ray ray

FACT: Ray Ray McCarron is the first Alabama quarterback to start and win an NFL game since 1987.

FACT: Ray Ray McCarron has never lost a start in the NFL per Elias Sports Bureau.

Hey I don’t make the news, I just deliver it to you. Ray Ray McCarron looked GREAT in his first start yesterday. Yes, I said great. No, he didn’t throw for 400 yards or 5 TD’s or anything like that, but McCarron did everything that was asked of him yesterday. I mean everything. Some people might not consider that great, but for a guy making his first NFL start on the road with a chance to clinch a playoff berth, if you get that W by doing everything that is required of you to win I consider that a great game. Fight me if you must. The O looked a little slow coming out, yes, but after a couple big throws Ray Ray was able to capitalize on some big drives and get us a 24-0 lead at halftime. We blitzed those nerds straight up. Everyone and their brother knew that game was over the second both teams ran back into the tunnel. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed Marvin didn’t pull a Clemson and just stay out on the field at halftime. No need for adjustments, just play keep away in the second half and get out of there with a dub. That’s how dead San Francisco was. And boy, did we play keep away in the second half. Probably the most boring half of football I’ve seen all year. Hue Jackson absolutely shut the playbook and our D’s prevent scheme was soft as butter but none of that mattered. Gotta just get out of there with a W. As a matter of fact, there were several instances where the pocket collapsed on Ray Ray and he just went down and took the sack. I love that. Don’t force anything, don’t turn the football over, just live to fight another day and turn the game over to Kevin Huber (who had 7 punts over 51 yards. Nbd but kbd) and guys like Vontze Burfict (7 tackles, sack, INT, 2 TFL) and Geno Atkins (2 sacks and drew 4 holds). It’s crazy to think I’m over here lauding taking a sack but that’s just the point of the season we’re at right now. Don’t do anything stupid. Just keep your head down and get to the playoffs. The same mantra we’ve been repeating for several weeks now, although the “playoffs” will be here sooner than you think. Make no mistake about it, Next Monday night in Denver is a playoff game, whether the schedule actually says that or not.



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