Forget About Last Night, Take One Look At This List Of Current AFC Playoff Quarterback’s and Try Not To Lose Your Breath

playoff picture

Real talk, I legitimately gasped when I saw this list. Sitting there at my desk staring at my phone trying to catch my breath while my co-workers looked at me like my Grandma had just died or some shit. Look at those names. No Roethlisberger (fingers crossed), no Manning, No Flacco, none of the “elite” quarterbacks you worry about facing in the playoffs. With the exception of Brady there isn’t a single name on there that I’m afraid of facing. Alex Smith? I once compared my dick to that guy because they’re both so painfully average. Ryan Fitzmagic? I’ve seen him damn near decapitated right there on the Paul Brown Stadium turf. Big Game Brock? I’d love to have another shot at Denver minus the missed field goals, conservative ass second half play, personal foul penalties down the stretch, and fumbled OT snaps. Even with AJ McCarron and his bum wrist under center we’re still like the second or third best team AT LEAST on that list. Capable of beating a KC or a NYJ at home then get Andy Dalton back under center and head to Foxboro. That’s an entirely different animal all together but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Bye week be damned, we’re still more than capable of beating any of those first round teams at home and if you think otherwise then I’ll toss you out of the bandwagon like an empty beer bottle. My feet are taped to the gas pedal. Never again will you see a sorrier crop of playoff quarterbacks in the playoffs than you will right now. This really is the season of destiny. Now we go.

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