If You Missed the World Darts Championship Story On Snapchat Yesterday You Missed What Might Be the Sporting Event Of the Year

world darts








Note: I have no clue how to rip video from Snapchat so I hit Twitter and Vine and found some video that was more or less the same shots that were featured in the Snap story. You’ll still get the idea.


OK, now I’m thoroughly convinced that our Limey friends have more fun at sporting events than us Americans do and it’s not even close. Like I went down to the Bengals game yesterday and watched literally the greatest athletes on planet Earth crash into each other and all I really did was sit there in the cold and scoreboard watch for three hours. Hop across the pond and our crazy European neighbors are dressed up like it’s God damn Halloween, crushing pints and having more fun than any sporting event I’ve ever been to in my entire life. Doesn’t matter if it’s watching small gentleman flop around on a soccer sorry, football pitch or fat bar regulars chuck arrows on a Sunday afternoon, those royal bastards turn everything into a party. If you’re down in the dumps cause you’re stuck at work again this morning, do yourself a favor and watch the World Dart Championship Snapchat and I guarantee your spirits will be lifted. Cheerio, mates.

PS- I have no Idea who this Gary Anderson character is but I think I may have just found my new favorite athlete of all time. Just an overweight chap with tribal tats who probably spent his entire life in Irish pubs getting the same type of ovation that teenage girls would give Bieber. Grown ass men singing Gary Anderson folk songs, walking out to ‘Jump Around,’ this guy has SUPERSTAR written all over him. Probably hits a ton of bullseye’s in his personal life too, if you know what I mean.

Double PS- I still can’t even begin to fathom how good these guys are at throwing darts. Like whenever I see a pro basketball player throw one down with his head up by the rim, I know in my head that I can never even come close to doing that, but I still understand how that happens. Those guy’s are 6’6, 6’7 with 40” verticals, I get the physics behind that, but for the life of me I can’t wrap my mind around how accurate these dudes are with the darts. I’ve played a trillion games of darts between my college days and now and I’m still lucky if I can land all three of my darts in the same area, let alone put them on the money like these guys can. I stink at darts, but these dudes can literally hit the hair on fly’s leg three times over. How the fuck does that happen? How many games of darts do you need to play in your life to get that good? Half a million? A billion? These dudes are so good it’s downright unbelievable. Respect the darts game.

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