Power Ranking the Best Mugshots From Saturday’s Record Setting Playoff Game Arrests



Two men remained behind bars and four more faced charges Monday after a brawl erupted following the highly emotional Wild Card playoff game at Paul Brown Stadium.

Jared McCarty, 19, Martin Cooke, 33, David Grillo, 25, Tyler Matthys, 21, Phillip Ross, 29, and Andrew Robles, 28, were all accused and arrested for assaults during and following Sunday’s game.

Grillo, Matthis and Rolbes all posted bond, while Cooke and McCartey were held in lockup Monday morning. Ross submitted a written plea but was not in court. All six pleaded not guilty.

McCarty was also charged with carrying a fake ID, underage consumption of alcohol and theft. Police records said the 19-year-old “admitted to consuming alcohol and striking the victim (a woman) in the face.”

Matthys, from Westville, Indiana, was also accused of striking a woman in the face at Paul Brown Stadium, according to a Hamilton County affidavit.

Officers observed Grillo throwing a beer can at a Bengals fan, according to the complaint file. The victim suffered facial lacerations.

Robles, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, struck a woman in the head as he was being escorted out of the game by police, officers said.

Police said Ross — of Cheviot — head-butted a man in the face at the stadium. (His forehead has a distinct red mark in his mug shot.)

Cooke was issued a warrant for disorderly conduct in addition to the assault charge. A police report on Cooke’s arrest said he “exposed himself” to a witness and “urinated on another (person) in public.”



Fight or flight, its human nature. Push a man into a corner or watch his favorite team self-destruct in epic fashion and he’ll come out bare knuckles swinging like Kimbo Slice in a Miami backyard brawl. There’s really no question that the Bengals vs. Steelers rivalry is the dirtiest on field rivalry in all of football, but that emotion and intensity spills over into the stands and judging by these six mugshots, things got extra rowdy on Saturday night.



“Aw man, I can’t believe I actually got popped. This sucks, but not really though ‘cause my Mom is gonna cover my bail money and all the girls are gonna be so wet once they figured out I got arrested. Chicks dig bad boys. Too bad I don’t have my fake ID anymore. Looks like I’ll have to figure out another way to sneak them some drinks at the bar.”



Classic “I’m so fucked up I’m not really sure what I’m doing here” look. Dude’s neck is gonna be so stiff by the time he wakes up on a concrete floor and finally figures out what he’s doing in a holding cell.



*Fighting back tears*

“Oh no, I’m actually in jail?!?!? What the fuck am I going to do now? I can’t be in jail, I don’t belong here!”
*Wipes tears from eyes*

“Ok, get it together. Gotta act tough so no one thinks I’m a huge pussy and tries to touch my bird in the corner while everyone else avoids eye contact and acts like nothing is going on.”


*Tries to look hard in mugshot*



Look at that mugshot. This hombre could be accused of any crime, from petty theft, to assault, all the way up to full blown, ritualistic homicide and I’d believe every single one the accusations. This guy just looks like a stone cold killer. The type of person that lives his entire life looking for an excuse to get in fights and crush someone’s skull with his bare hands.



“Yea that’s right, I’m not scared to pull out my dick in public because I FUCK but I also mean business. Long line at the restroom? No problem. These twenty six years of playoff futility are going to manifest themselves into some of the finest wet work east of the Mississippi and a haymaker right to the grill. Better buckle up.”



Here’s your prototypical deer in the headlights look. That’s the type of face you make when you realize you’re in the pokey now and you have to spend the weekend in the same space as some real killers. Godspeed.

On a serious note, it sounds like things got WILD on Saturday night. That stadium came unglued and turned into a glorified Mogadishu. Chicks getting punched in the face, a record number of arrests. This is an actual text I got this morning from a friend of mine who got tossed from the game



Bengals/Steelers is hands down the nastiest rivalry I’ve ever experienced firsthand and it’s not even close. Keeps getting worse every year too. It’s only a matter of time before someone pulls a full blown Oakland or San Francisco and gets stabbed to death in the parking lot.

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