Stop What You’re Doing and Watch the Full First Person Video Of the El Chapo Raid. Absolute MUST SEE


This is one I just had to post because honestly it’s too good not to. The video is a little long, like 15 minutes, but stick with it and try not to fall out of your seat. Trust me on this one.

In 2016 the words ‘MUST WATCH’ get thrown around all willy nilly in an effort to generate clicks and pageviews with most pictures and videos turning out to be more boring than a an 8 am college lecture, but no joke, this is probably the most intense video I’ve ever seen in my 26 years on this Earth. At first I thought this was just gonna be another clickbait video, maybe a few officers standing around cuffing Chapo while he sits there with that stupid blank stare on his face, but 45 seconds in there are bodies on the floor and we’re lobbing enough flashbangs and assault rifle rounds downrange to make even Michael Bay blush. Just an unbelievably nerve racking video that gives you about as close of a look at all that cartel gangbanging that’s going on south of the border. I can kinda see why Donald Trump wants that wall now.

PS- It’s also kind of hilarious how this is probably the biggest military operation Mexico has had since Poncho Villa and they’re just putting it out there for anyone with an Internet connection to see. Meanwhile our State Department is trying to burn anyone who spills details of our sensitive military operations a la the Bin Laden raid, you got the Mexican Marines over here like “Yea this is our special forces troops knocking over the most wanted man in the Western Hemisphere with all our tactics and what not on display. We’re just gonna throw this up there on Youtube and go back to living la vida loca. Enjoy, motherfuckers!”

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