I Promise Jeremy Hill’s Reaction To the Vontaze Burfict Personal Foul Call Is the Last Thing I’ll Post About the Bengals Loss To the Steelers Saturday


Salt, I’d like you to meet my good friend wound. Jeremy’s reaction to that Tez pass interference call is pretty indicative of every Bengals fan’s reaction from here to Katmandu. Just a visceral explosion of emotion capable of moving even the most stoic of men to tears. Personally, that fumble brought me to my knees in front of my television set, mouth agape mumbling in tongues I didn’t even know I could even speak. A position not un-similar to this

Even as we’re coming up on almost a week after the game, it’s still tough to not think about what if. What if Jeremy had just held onto that ball or what if Tez hadn’t have drawn that flag? I gave my two cents on what went down shortly after the game ended, but the more and more time passes, the more and more I think you can’t just pin that loss on one particular guy or one particular play. There are several plays that didn’t go our way that could have totally changed the outcome of that game in the long run. The Vinny Rey dropped interception, the Gio fumble in Steeler territory, and no one is talking about that God awful 2 point conversion we ran that would have put us up 3 at the end. I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a screen pass or a jet sweep or what but that was arguably the biggest play that we ran all year and the best we could muster up in that situation was like an 8 yard loss. Instead of being up 3, we were only up one and cue a one armed Big Ben’s triumphant return to the field and another playoff disappointment. Such as the life of a Bengals fan. The NFL is a game of inches and a matter of three or four plays often decides the outcome of the game, but God damn, Jeremy. Hold on to that God damn ball like your life depends on it, ’cause it kinda does. Still love ya though.


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