Future Dropped a New Tape Out Of Nowhere This Morning So Naturally Fans Took To Instagram To Let Russell Wilson Know About It

Future Russell Wilson Ciara 3

Future Russell Wilson Ciara

Future Russell Wilson Ciara 6


Obviously you all log onto queencitybeerleague.com to read my mild satire and awful, halfhearted attempts at written jokes, but I’m 100% serious when I say this: How awkward must it be if you’re a player on the Seattle Seahawks this morning? You’re getting ready for a playoff game against the best team in the league and all you want to do is listen to the new Future tape in the locker room but you can’t because your franchise quarterback is named Russell Wilson. I guaran-God damn-tee you that entire locker room is walking on egg shells right now trying to listen to listen to Purple Reign while simultaneously not trying to bring it up in front of Russ. Like, “Yoooo, you hear that new Future?!?!? That ‘Wicked’ track is off the hook… and ladder. That’s what I meant, hook and ladder. We should definitely run a hook and ladder play today, right Russ?”

Future really dropped a tape the same day Russell Wilson is playing for a chance to go to the NFC Championship game. I might fuck around and bet everything I own on the Panthers -3. Lock it up.

As for Purple Reign itself, I had a chance to breeze through it this morning and it might be my favorite Future project since DS2. “Wicked,” “Hater Shit,” “Salute,” and “By Bye” are all BANGERS and there really hasn’t been a song I didn’t like so far. Probably gonna be on loop in the gym for like the next three months or until ‘Views’ or ‘Swish’ drops.




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