The Bengals Took To Twitter and Let Everyone Know How They Felt About Pittsburgh Losing and I Could Honestly Care Less


bengals tweets


Am I a bad Bengals fan if I don’t really give a fuck that the Steelers lost last night? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never consciously root for the Steelers unless we’re talking about the off chance that a Steelers victory somehow benefits the Bengals in the long run, but honestly I could care less that the Steelers lost last night. I mean I sure am glad that George Iloka can move onto the next chapter of his life and Rey Maualuga’s sleep schedule is back on track, but I can’t sit here in good faith and say I share the same sentiment. I’m still not getting any sleep. Partially because I take long ass naps and don’t go to bed until 2 am, but mostly because that Steelers loss doesn’t change the Bengals postseason fortunes. We still aren’t playing for and AFC Championship next Sunday. We still haven’t won a postseason game in 26 years. I just wish everyone around here was more content with winning and postseason success and less content with whatever it is the Pittsburgh Steelers are doing. Not trying to sound like a Steelers apologist, I just wish we were too busy winning to worry about whatever the fuck it is they’re up to.

I won’t fault our guys for sounding off on Twitter either. Believe me, if there’s anyone who can’t cast stones when it comes to saying stupid shit online, it’s your’s truly, but when you got key players trying to take shots from behind a keyboard like that it’s a bad look. Doesn’t matter if it’s funny or if guys like you and I feel the same way, when you act like that on Twitter you come off as a petty ass loser. I hate that I have to say that but that’s the God’s honest truth and until but until we actually win in January and get the last laugh on the field we’ll just continue to be the laughing stock of the league.

And fuck Denver too. Everyone acting like they did us some sort of favor, I’d LOVE to have another shot at those clowns. We’re a better football team than they are straight up. Should have won the first time around with McCarron at the helm to clinch a first round bye and if we had to go at it again with Dalton healthy I’m confident we’d run them right off the field. They don’t even have a quarterback right now. Osweiler is a career backup and Peyton is lucky if he has a hundred throws left in right arm. God dammit we fucked this season up so bad.


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