Lance Stephenson Vs. Josh Smith, Who Ya Got?

stephenson scrap


Lance Stephenson

Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY

College:  University of Cincinnati

Height:  6’5.75″

Weight:  227

Standing Reach:  8’7″




Josh Smith

josh smith

Hometown: College Park, GA

College: N/A

Height:  6′ 8.25″

Weight:  221

Standing Reach:  8’10.5”


The older, longer Smith has been around for quite some time and has the edge in terms of experience, but don’t count out the younger, quicker Stephenson just yet. The New York native has more than likely seen his fair share of fights growing up in Coney Island and attending college at the University of Cincinnati. Stephenson is a junkyard dog. Look for him to come right out of the gate, Clifton mitts a flyin’ and put down Smith early.


Stephenson Def. Smith, KO


Seriously though, how come Lance Stephenson’s fall from grace isn’t discussed more often? Two years ago Lance was one of the hottest free agents on the market, bordering on super stardom. Now he’s averaging 4 pts and 2 rebs in like 15 minutes a game as a backup on the Clippers after signing a $27 million deal with the hornets. That doesn’t put him in Albert Haynesworth territory just yet but we’re certainly knocking on the door. As the announcer pointed out, maybe it has a lot to do with slap boxing your buddies on the bench while your teammates try to eek out a win against the lowly Rockets last night. I just wanna see Lance poppin’ again, that’s all.

Knees give out, contracts expire, but slick rhymes and Internet memes last forever. Long live Lance Stephenson.

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