The Bengals Are Sending Eight Guys To the Pro Bowl On Sunday

aj pro bowl

Bengals HB Cedric Peerman and CB Adam Jones have been named to roster spots for the Pro Bowl, the NFL announced today. Their additions raise the Cincinnati total for the game to eight players, second-most in franchise history behind the nine-player total of the 1988 season.

It’s the first Pro Bowl nod for both Peerman, a sixth-year player in 2015, and for Jones, a ninth-year pro this past season.

Peerman, named to the game as a special teams coverage player and blocker, was a first alternate in December’s voting for the Pro Bowl. He replaces Matthew Slater of New England (injured). Peerman led the Bengals by six in special teams tackles in 2015, posting 17. It was his second straight season to lead the team, and he raised his career total to 69.

The six Bengals named previously to the Pro Bowl are DT Geno Atkins, WR A.J. Green, TE Tyler Eifert, S Reggie Nelson, OT Andrew Whitworth and DE Carlos Dunlap. Dunlap was added as a first alternate, and the other five were voted directly into the game.

The Bengals would have had a ninth player, QB Andy Dalton, in the game, had Dalton been medically cleared to play. Dalton was a first alternate and would have been added, as not all the voted QBs will play. But unlike players originally voted in, alternates are not credited with an official Pro Bowl selection if they are unable to participate.

The Pro Bowl will be played this Sunday (Jan. 31) at 7 p.m. (ET) at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu. It will be televised live on ESPN.



Pro Bowl talk? That’s right, Pro Bowl talk. These are the kinds of stories you’re going to get in the middle of January when nothing is going on. I was tweeting about soccer earlier today for crying out loud. I feel like bringing it back to a real sport is the least I can do, so Pro Bowl talk it is. First of all, eight Pro Bowlers sounds about right. Say what you want about the Bengals and their primetime struggles or playoff futility or Marvin Lewis’ job security, but it’s still pretty widely recognized that we have as talented of a roster as you’ll find in the NFL. AJ, Geno, Whit, and Tyler Eifert are all arguably at or near the top of their respective positions and Reggie Nelson and Loso are both elite, stat stuffing defensive talents. Congratulations are in order for my best friend ADAm Pacman Jones on his selection as an alternate as well, even though he probably should have been taken straight up in the first place. Pacman was probably our best defensive back on one of the top units in the league this year so why he didn’t make the initial cut is beyond me. Congratulations are also in order for Cedric Peerman who made the roster as a special teams player. I’ve always held the belief that Peerman could have probably carved out a far more extensive role in a number of other team’s offenses. Unfortunately for him, he’s just always been stuck behind big time feature backs here in Cincy, so it’s nice to see all his hard work pay off. Dude has been a force on special teams here for the better part of a decade now.

Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this blog. All this Pro Bowl hate has really jumped the shark. People talking about how they should just cancel the whole thing and how they’d rather sit on the couch and watch The Notebook with their girlfriend instead, but I actually don’t think the Pro Bowl is all that bad. The Pro Bowl has become one of those things we’re supposed to hate because the Internet tells us to. Kind of like how we’re supposed to hate Nickelback or how bacon is supposed to be the best food in the world. I’m not sitting here acting like the Pro Bowl is gonna eclipse the Super Bowl or opening weekend or anything, but football is football. Who cares if you can’t blitz or you only get two timeouts. If my guys are running around out there playing football I’m gonna watch my guys run around out there and play football. Like last year when Andy Dalton was driving for the win I was on the edge of my couch rooting just like it was a normal game.

Note: Andy Dalton did NOT win the game.

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t actually as hyped as I’d normally be, but I’d still rather watch that than a re-run of Family Fued or some shit. Seriously what else are you going to watch…




So what. That’s what DVR is for. Watch AJ Green haul in his annual 2 Pro Bowl TD’s early, fall asleep to my almost uncle saving the World from impending destruction late. Sounds like a nice little Sunday if you ask me.

PS- I’m team Pro Bowl for life, but they need to do away with this whole new format. Go back to AFC vs. NFC and go conference vs. conference just like every other all star game in existence. I don’t want any of this Team Irvin vs. Team Sanders bullshit. Also let’s just do away with the new Nike unis while we’re at it. I know that probably makes me sound like a crusty old man, but the original red and blue Pro Bowl threads were fire. Get that neon shit the fuck outta here.




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