Looks Like Pacman Jones and Amari Cooper Are Best Buds Now

pac cooper

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Real shit !!!!!

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But wait, I thought the Bengals were supposed to be the bad guys? The dudes who take Honolulu by storm and rape all the women and eat small children. HIDE YOUR KIDS! HIDE YOUR WIVES! No way this can be the same guy who did this five months ago

Unfortunately for my best friend ADAm Pacman Jones making amends with Amari Cooper will probably go unrecognized because a.) No one gives a rats ass about the Pro Bowl except me, and b.) Between the Kanye/Wiz beef, Rihanna dropping a new song, Sharon Osbourne fucking Shaq, and R. Kelly proposing to his own mother, my guy Pacman sure picked a shitty day to go making waves on social media.

pac cooper

“Hey Rook, get your candy ass over here and make a video with me! Just stand in the background and act like we’re cool or I’ll ragdoll you ass into the Pacific, you hear me? Now give me your lunch money. That buffet behind you there is calling my name.”


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