Good News Bad News: Good News, There’s a ‘Training Day’ TV Show In the Works; Bad News, There’s a ‘Training Day’ TV Show In the Works

training day

Via- Entertainment Weekly

Training Day will get the small-screen treatment.

CBS has ordered a pilot of the 2001 police drama that starred Denzel Washington as a rogue LAPD detective and Ethan Hawke as his rookie charge.

Billed as a reimagining, the new iteration picks up 15 year after the source film, and features a notable role reversal: This time the idealistic young officer is black, and his veteran, morally ambiguous partner is white.

Antoine Fuqua, who helmed the original film, will direct the pilot from a script by former LAPD detective Will Beall (Gangster Squad, Castle).

Fuqua and Beall will executive produce alongside Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman; KristieAnne Reed will serve as co-executive producer.



If you’re looking for a prime example of a classic “yes, yes, yes, NO” moment, look no further than this Training Day reboot right here. YES because if you’re like me, anytime you see the words “Training Day” on your television screen you know you’re locked in for the next couple hours. No because this series has no chance of even coming close to the original motion picture. I mean, if we’re being honest, the only reason the orginal Training Day was even any good was solely thanks to Denzel’s portrayal of Officer Alonzo Harris. Denzel made that movie. No disrespect to Ethan Hawk or Antoine Fuqua or anyone else involved, but that character straight up John Dillinger’d the show and I just don’t see anyone who acts on network television that can come in and deliver a performance that would even be considered in the same stratosphere. Legit my favorite character in movie history.

I guess this new installment has a chance to be somewhat decent. Antoine Fuqua is back on board and he generally does pretty good work especially in the cop thriller department. Not to mention he’s in cahoots with Jerry Bruckheimer who has a whole gaggle of action hits. It kind of goes without saying that this show would probably stand a better chance if it were being picked up by an HBO or Showtime where we get a chance to see Eva Mendes’ tits as opposed to standard cable CBS, but I don’t think that’s gonna make a whole world of difference anyway. You just know it’s going to be your standard cookie cutter cop drama like you’d see on just about any network ever with a couple nods to the movie and two young bucks trying their hardest to out-act one of the greatest performances of our generation. I’ll end up giving this show a chance with tempered expectations because I’m a Training Day fanboy, but in my heart of hearts I just know this thing is going to suck.

Since the seasoned cop is a white dude on basic cable this time around, I think we all know a classic line or two that probably won’t make the final script…

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