I Need Braxton Miller In a Bengals Uniform STAT!


Has anyone ever been drafted based off of one impressive video or Senior Bowl performance (The answer is yes. Think Jamarcus Russell, Jerome Simpson)? I know it’s the offseason and a couple practices in Mobile shouldn’t determine the draft status or future career arc of a player, but if this is what Braxton Miller is gonna be all about in the pros, I need him wearing Bengal stripes more than I need to know where I’m getting dinner delivered from this evening. but the Bengals are going to need a receiver or two to compliment AJ Green and Tyler Eifert next season. Marvin Jones and Mo Sanu are both free agents and it’s more than likely one or both of them won’t be back aka joining Hue Jackson in Cleveland next year. Now it’s pretty well documented that I’m not an Ohio State guy, but Braxton was out there ABUSING some of the best draft prospects in the country last week. It’s tough to look at a guy with upside like that who fits a team need and not be intrigued as to what kind of things he may be able to do here. Let Sanu walk, draft Braxton Miller and let him be our slot man/wildcat/jet sweep/maybe even get some carries out of the backfield guy. Sure it’s early and the sample size is small, but based off of what I’ve seen I’m pretty confident that with time he could probably step in and do everything Sanu was able to do but even better.

PS- I’m blogging ahead and while I was typing this the Calvin Johnson retirement news just broke so it looks like they’ll be in the market for a pass catcher as well. A lot of people will look at that and think this is a league wide problem, which it is. Stepping away while you’re still in good shape and being able to walk/remember your kid’s names when your 50 is obviously important and not a good look for the NFL, but the I think the Lions are being dealt the biggest black eye here. That’s twice they’ve pushed an all time great player to the brink of retirement. It’s not often that I can come right out and say that I’m happy the good Lord made me a Bengals fan, but boy am I happy the good Lord made me a Bengals fan. We may not win a whole lot of playoff games, but at least we’ve never forced a franchise great’s hand into retirement. Wait a second…



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