FMK On TBT: ‘Colony’ Edition


It’s another TV edition of FMK on TBT, and this time we’re working with USA’s newest hit show ‘Colony’ which you can catch on Thursday nights at 10. ‘Colony’ is a sort of modern, sort of futuristic thriller that centers around life in Los Angeles after what appears to be an alien invasion and the subsequent occupation of the city by those loyal to the invaders. Three episodes in and I must say I’m hooked. The storyline, suspense, and cast are all great, which includes some pretty sexy chicks. So in honor of episode 4 premiering tonight and because these FMK’s are tough to put together sometimes, we’re rolling with the Colony chicks today. You know the rules. Katie, Madeline, and Rachel. You gotta fuck one, marry one, kill one. Go.

F – Maddie

I’m not exactly sure where Maddie fits into the whole story yet but I know where I’d like to fit in and that’s right in between dem titties. You know she fucks because she straight up bounced out of work to fuck that rich dude in episode 1 and she got smashed in the middle of the day with Katie in episode three I believe. Maddie parties hard and she’s sexy as fuck. That’s the long and short of it. It’ll be interesting to see how her character develops as the show goes on. I think she might be Katie’s sister, but it sure looks like she’s shaping up to have a pretty important role seeing as she’s been featured in one way or another in every episode thus far.

M – Katie Bowman

Katie aka Rick’s wife from ‘The Walking Dead’ is one of the show’s main protagonists- I think. Without getting into too much detail and giving away any spoilers, Katie is involved with the resistance unbeknownst to her husband who works with the government loyal to the invading forces. On paper sneaking around behind hubby’s back like that doesn’t exactly make great wife material, but Katie is still a down ass bitch. All about keeping her family safe and getting her lost son back. Plus I think she’s banged her husband just about every single episode which is nice because I’ve been told that such casual encounters are few and far between after exchanging wedding vows so that’s cool too.

Disclaimer: I fully reserve the right to change my answer at any time ‘cause even though we’re only three episodes in, Katie has gotten herself into some pretty sticky situations and I got a feeling she’s going to fuck things up real bad in one way or another before this is all said and done. Consider this a pre-nuptial agreement of sorts.

K – Jennifer

Jennifer has got to go. Working for the enemy, awful disposition, may or may not be one of the aliens. Just way too uptight for your boy. Jennifer is another interesting character as I could see her maybe flipping sides, maybe stirring up some shit before this season is over. She’s just gonna have to do that before the show’s writers or anyone that plays FMK on TBT decides to do away with her.

PS- The real reason I wrote this piece is so I could talk a little about ‘Colony,’ so here you go. Basically two blogs in one. A little double dip action. As I’d mentioned earlier, I’m big time in on ‘Colony’. DVR’d the first three episodes and started the series the other night at like midnight and ended up staying awake ‘til three in the morning getting caught up. One of those type of shows. Clearly USA is trying to recapture some of the success they had with ‘Mr. Robot’ by going back to the late night, sci-fi thriller genre and so far it’s working. The show was crafted by the creators of ‘Lost’ and it’s pretty easy to draw a lot of parallels between the two shows. First and foremost being the main character, Josh Holloway (Sawyer from ‘Lost’), the interweaving character storylines, and subtle hints to the show’s overall plot without explicitly stating them. It’s been well written and very entertaining thus far and the cast is pretty legit as well. Obviously the aforementioned chicks, Josh Holloway, and even Chubbs Peterson from Happy Gilmore has a pretty big role (I know his name is Carl Weathers but in my mind he’ll always be Chubbs). The bottom line is if you liked ‘Lost’ or you’re into all that alien sci-fi shit you’ll probably like this show too. To me, it looks like USA has another hit on their hands to throw in with the likes of ‘Mr. Robot’ and ‘Suits’, so if you’re looking for a new show to throw in the mix make sure you tune in tonight at ten and get in on the action.

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