Reds Baseball Is Off To a Hot Start, OF Prospect Juan Duran Suspended 80 Games For PED’s


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Good news bad news. Bad news is that football season is over. No more Andy Dalton TD passes or Bengals playoff losses. From here on out it’s only home runs and poor batting average with RISP. That’s the good news. Check that, great news. Baseball is almost here and the Reds are off to a hotter start than one of those creepy Terry Richardson photo shoots. Brandon Phillips has turned into that friend who crashes on your couch and doesn’t know when he’s outstayed his welcome and apparently the juice is running rampant in our farm system. A lot of people will probably thumb their noses at Juan, but if you’re ball player that’s looking to get on the stuff there really isn’t a better time or place to do so than right now in the Reds farm system. Think about it. There are A LOT of positions that are going to be up for grabs this year. Namely third base and left field. If you’re a guy looking to get a shot in that lineup, you may as well cut a couple corners, hit 40 dingers in AA ball, cross your fingers and hope for the call up sometime after the all star break. Worst case scenario you get caught, serve your 80 games and wind up in the exact same spot you were before, which is a farmhand in an organization that is in rebuilding mode for the forseeable future. Not like those positions are going anywhere in a hurry. Baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint. If you want a chance at the big time, you gotta be willing to play that long con game like my boy Juan here. Smart man, that Juan Duran.

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