Local Man Lights His Yeezy’s On Fire In Protest Of Kanye West Not Releasing His Album


This was 13 hours ago. Theoretically, that means all five pairs of shoes should be nothing more than ash in that fire pit right now. By my count, that’s like $10,000 worth of shoes up in flames. Of course we are assuming buddy followed through on his promise, because if there’s one thing I learned about the Internet, it’s that everyone always keeps their word and never stages anything for attention at all.

PS- What’s the deal with this Kanye album? First it’s called SWISH, then Waves, now it’s The Life of Pablo. It’s supposed to come out last night, then it didn’t. What the fuck is going on? I get that Kanye fashions himself an artiste and that we’re all slaves but at a certain point you gotta put the egotistical artsy fartsy stuff aside and just release the damn album already. And by release the damn album I mean get us a quality link to the leak we can all download. Just drop the damn album on a Friday or Saturday night so we can all listen while we pregame and get the weekend started. Not that hard.

About Q-Ball

Owner, operator Queencitybeerleague.com. AKA The Commish. Q-Ball is that asshole at the office who refuses to brew a fresh pot of coffee. Not because he doesn't want to, he's just too embarrassed to admit that he doesn't know how.
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