It’s Not the Offseason Unless Colin Cowherd Is Back To Slamming Andy Dalton On the Radio



Hey Colin, it’s mid-February. What the fuck are we doing talking about Andy Dalton? The combine isn’t for another week and the draft doesn’t even happen until May. Football is over, bruh. There’s plenty of other stuff going on in the sports world we can talk about. Spring training starts today, college hoops only has two weeks left, and apparently everybody at the University of Tennessee is some sort of sexual deviant, but we’re still over here talking about 2011-2014 Dalton? Did Andy do something to Cowherd personally? Run over his dog backing out of the driveway or stealing the newspaper out of his yard maybe? I don’t think so. Andy is my neighbor and I’m quite certain that Cowherd doesn’t live in our community. By the way, I want it on the record that what Cowherd said about Dalton this time is flat out wrong. I went back and looked at Dalton’s primetime stats for 2015: 5 TD’s, 1 pick, 62% completion percentage. We did go 1-2 in those games but we could have just as easily won at Arizona and the Texans game was a fluke.  In the past, those ‘Beige Water Pistol’ arguments held some truth, but it’s pretty evident Andy turned a corner before the injury this year and deserves the benift of the doubt until proven otherwise. You wanna say the Bengals can’t win big games or Marvin Lewis isn’t a playoff coach that’s fine, but to sit there and say that a guy who was arguably the AFC’s MVP the first half of 2015 is an average QB is flat out wrong.

Also, who’s watching/listening to Cowherd anyway? When I looked back at Andy’s numbers I also went back and looked at the ratings when Cowherd took his show to FS1 and was shocked to see he’s beating both LeBatard and Dan Patrick. I don’t hate Cowherd outside of his opinion on the Bengals, but I legitimately don’t think I know a single person who listens to Cowherd’s show on a regular basis. Like I used to get a text or tweet or something asking if I’d heard what Cowherd said every once in a while, but that was like two or three years ago during the pre-blog days when I was listening along ‘cause I was trapped in the cubes with nothing better to do. Then I grew up I think? So again I ask, who’s listening to The Herd over on FS1? High school kids, old men? Not throwing shade at Cowherd or anything, that’s just a legitimate question I’m asking as I try to piece this puzzle together.


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