Look at Lance Go! He had no intention of ever giving up that ball, the same way he never had any intention of staying at UC for more than a year. In fact, it really chaps my ass that there are a lot of people out there who still don’t like Lance because he basically used UC as a stepping stone to get to the NBA. If that weren’t the case, how else would you appreciate Lance dribbling around like a madman with his hair lit on fire? Why else would you care that Lance looked like his girl promised him some sex and some Red Lobster if he went out and scored 40 last night? Short answer is, you wouldn’t, and that’s why I love Lance Stephenson. The guy is an absolute caricature of himself at this stage in his career and that Memphis team is one JR Smith short of the possibly the greatest collection of individuals ever assembled on one team. An NBA ‘League Of Extraordinary Gentleman’ if you will. The fact that he’s now on the same team as Zach Randolph and Matt Barnes and Chris Andersen and Tony Allen means that we might not have even scratched the surface as far as the best of Lance Stephenson goes- comediacally speaking, of course. Guess I have to be a Grizzlies fan now?

PS- I can’t wait until we finally get a taste of post-NBA Lance Stephenson, which, unfortunately for Lance, may be coming sooner rather than later. I don’t know what retirement is going to hold for our old friend, but if you think Lance is the type of guy to roll over and go quietly into the night, well then you just don’t know Lance Stephenson very well.

lance strip


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