These Two Gentleman Couldn’t Decide Which State Has Better Strip Clubs, Ohio Or Florida, So One Guy Shot the Other


Via- Fox 8

CLEVELAND – Just how different are the strip clubs in Ohio from the strip clubs in Florida? That question led to a shooting in Cleveland early Saturday morning.

Cleveland police were called to Lakewood Hospital at 2 a.m. after 24-year-old Antonio Cummings, of Orlando, Florida, was taken there by his friends after being shot.

Cummings told police that the group had been at the Lido Lounge in Cleveland for a birthday party. While they were outside the club, he got into an argument with another male over the difference (which has the better ones?) in strip clubs between Ohio and Florida.

The argument became a fight and then the suspect shot Cummings in the leg. He fled the scene in an as yet unidentified vehicle.



I wasn’t really blessed with many personal traits that I’d consider myself to be proud of, but one thing that defines me to my very core is my totally biased, unapologetic, unwavering support of where I hail from. No matter where life takes me, I’ll always be a proud Cincinnatian through and through and you’ll never see me shy away from an opportunity to rep my home city or my home state no matter the circumstances. That there is a guarantee, my friends. Having said that, I just can’t in good faith get behind the argument that Ohio strip clubs are better than Florida strip clubs. I really wish I could, I really wish there was some shred of evidence I could point to that could tip the scale once and for all, but I’m sorry to say that the deck is completely stacked against us this time around. Now I think it should be noted that I’ve never actually been to a Florida strip club, but I’ve listened to enough rap songs and seen enough TV to know all about the Florida strip club scene. When’s the last time you heard an Ohio strip club shouted out in a Billboard topping record? When’s the last time a mega star pulled up to club in a helicopter here in the Midwest? I rest my case. Besides, if you’re a stripper here in Ohio isn’t Florida like the ultimate destination? Like if you dance at Diamonds in Dayton and dominate that scene, aren’t you supposed to make the move to Miami and rake in like $150k a year so you can put your kid through college? I always looked at Ohio strip clubs as AA or AAA ball and Florida is the Big Leagues.

I appreciate this guy trying to defend his home turf, I really do. Every now and then you get into an argument where you know you’re wrong from the jump but you still dig your cleats into the turf and try to defend your honor ’til the very end. Even if defending that honor means capping some loudmouth outsider in the leg for dissing your home strip club. Besides, that guy kind of deserved it anyway. I mean, I hope he hangs onto that leg and all, but what the fuck is anyone from Florida doing in Cleveland? You got that backwards, homie. We’re supposed to invade your territory and admire the palm trees and big booty dancers. You’re not supposed to come up here and enjoy our slightly overweight population and shitty weather. The hell is wrong with you, son?

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