Forbes Released the Top Ten Highest Grossing Sports Movies Of All Time


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10. A League Of Their Own
9. Creed
8. Remember the Titans
7. Rocky
6. Blades Of Glory
5. Rocky III
4. Rocky IV
3. The Longest Yard
2. The Waterboy
1. The Blind Side



Hey Forbes, next time you make a list of the top grossing sports movies in the country, why don’t you just make two seperate lists. One for the Rocky Franchise, one for everyone else. Four of the top ten spots is nothing short of box office domination. I guess that’s what Sly Stallone, Chubbs Peterson, Dolph Lundgren, Michael B. Jordan, and a shitload of HGH will do for you. Not surprising though. The Rocky franchise is more or less an American icon at this point and will dominate any sort of sports movie list. Also not surprising is Remember the Titans cracking the top ten. Denzel Washington and Gary Bertier single handedly curing racism in the south never gets old. However I am pleasantly surprised to see that The Waterboy made it all the way up to no. 2 in the rankings. Dollar signs aside, it’s damn near impossible to choose between Happy Gilmore or Bobby Boucher and co. and the fact that more Americans didn’t spend their hard earned money to earn Happy Gilmore a spot amongst the highest grossing domestic sports films of all time is a downright criminal offense. Borderline treason on a massive scale.

PS- While we’re talking sports movies, I caught The Rookie over on AMC the other day and forgot just how good of a flick that actually is. Lowkey one of the more underrated sports films, scratch that, how about just straight up films around. One of the rare movies that can actually bring real tears to my eyes. I’m not trying to come across as a tough guy either. If the true story of Jimmy Brooks finally making it to the Big Leagues as an old man doesn’t tug at your heart a little bit then your soul was ripped out a long, long time ago.

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