Let’s Check In On Our Old Friend Katt Williams and See How He’s Doing These Days




Last Night:


Via- TMZ

Katt Williams’ explanation for his latest arrest is a classic Katt tale — accusing a store clerk of racism and outright disrespect of, not just him, but black people everywhere.

TMZ broke the story … the comedian got arrested Monday for allegedly punching a pool supply store employee in Georgia. But Katt says the worker started the altercation by subtly accusing him of being a criminal, and then hurling a racial epithet.

As Katt put it, “He used the n-word on the last day of Black History Month.” And Katt wasn’t having it.

You’ve got to see him describe what happened next. Important note: He doesn’t deny punching the guy and Katt talks a lot about Katt in the 3rd person in this clip.




“I’m boolin’ at the pool store”

-Young Thug, Katt Williams


I’m not sure why this never occurred to me until just now, but Katt Williams absolutely has every right to hate Kevin Hart. 5-10 years ago, Katt Williams was America’s premier little black comedian. The borderline midget guy that got up on stage and had audiences in stitches which ultimately led to Comedy Central showcases, TV shows, and movie deals. Then something happened (crack/cocaine I think) and as fast as Katt came on the scene, there he went and up springs Kevin Hart doing the exact same thing. Little different styles for sure, but the same Comedy Central Specials and TV shows and Movie deals that once were headed Katt William’s way now belong to Kevin Hart. So I guess it’s only natural that Katt and Kevin don’t exactly see eye to eye on a lot things. I mean, how would you feel if someone came in and took your spot in the entertainment world? I just hope for Kevin’s sake that he takes Katt William’s as a man of his word, because a guy that’s been arrested for weapons possession and fighting at a Young Jeezy concert and getting in fights at the pool store is definitely a guy that shows up at your stand up looking to throw hands.

Katt Williams running up on stage like

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