Can We Fast Forward To April 1 Because I Need To Be Pounding Cold Ones On the New Rooftop Bar At Great American Ball Park


Cincinnati Reds fans can enjoy interactive games and a view of the Cincinnati skyline during games this season.

The Great American Ball Park is adding a Cincinnati Bell Fioptics District Rooftop for those seated in sections 408 through 410.

Ticketholders have access to a private patio with luxury furniture and games, a skyline view and one drink included in the $15 ticket price.




Who knows how many home runs the Reds will actually hit on the field this season, but the 2016 Reds campaign to find ways to fill up the ballpark amidst a rebuilding effort just hit a GRAND SLAM. Rooftop bars are all the rage now. Pretty sure they’ve always been ’cause cities like New York have more rooftop bars than pizza parlors, but the rooftop scene feels like it’s just now made it’s way here to Cincinnati here in the past few years. Probably because we’re forever ten years behind the times. Phelp’s Bar might just be my favorite bar in the city and the last time I was at 21C I got to rub elbows with a guy named Seth McFarlane. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?

Either way, big hats off to the Castellini’s and the entire Reds organization for adding this legit new rooftop bar. I was only like 25% joking about the organization trying to find ways to boost attendance this season because the Reds won’t be worth buffalo shit on a nickel, but our organization is about as good as it gets at making a night out at the ballpark more of an experience than just the game itself. Potential 100 loss season or not.


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