It’s Brandon Tate Appreciation Day





When it’s all said and done and the annals of sports history are finished writing themselves, I think we can look back on this era of Bengals football and declare one Brandon Tate the NFL’s version of Bobby Bonilla. Think about it, have you ever seen a guy milk as much money out of career as Tate has? I’m not one to really consider myself a truther, but I appreciate a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, and I’m almost certain at this point in his career that Brandon Tate has some sort of dirt or bargaining chip that’s allowed him to keep his spot on the roster for this long. Maybe he has some extraordinarily unflattering pictures of a naked Marvin Lewis, maybe he knows the location of all the poor souls that tried to cross the Brown family buried somewhere across the river in the hills of Kentucky. All I know is that outside of some behind the scenes, under the table dealings, there is absolutely no reason that a strictly punt return specialist who has a 9.2 yd career return average, one touchdown, and 3.3 million fair cathces should be the first free agent signing on a team that’s looking to go back to the playoffs for the sixth straight year. It’s actually quite impressive really, that a guy who doesn’t see any offensive snaps and really isn’t all that good at running back punts can keep his spot on a contending football team going on six straight years now. Someday we’ll all look back and joke about how Brandon Tate became one of the all time great finesser’s in the history of the world, but until then, we just have to look forward to another year of this

and this



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